Collegiate Audiences

Jess has been speaking to collegiate audiences for nearly two decades, visiting all 50 states and speaking to audiences ranging from 30 to 3000.

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Good Girl (And Other Lies They Told)

Embracing Authenticity Despite What We’re Taught As GirlsĀ 

In a world where societal expectations have long dictated the roles and behaviors of women, it’s time to challenge these limiting norms and redefine what it truly means to be an empowered and authentic individual. The keynote “Good Girl (and Other Stuff They Lied About)” takes a bold and insightful look at the conditioning society imposes on girls from a young age, urging them to be compliant, self-sacrificing, and confined to narrow stereotypes.

Most Requested Programs

You Can’t Have It All: Finding Balance in College

I see you overachievers. You want to be a leader, get good grades, land an internship, date someone cute, find your crew of close friends and make memories. Yet, here you are stressing because you have hundreds of emails, homework, a huge to-do list, a significant other you haven’t talked to in days, and you can’t help but be glued to your TikTok seeing the fun you’re missing. You can’t have it all, but you can create the college experience you really want.

Navigating the hard stuff

We’re often confronted with challenges we aren’t prepared or trained for. When Jess was diagnosed with cancer in 2021, she learned how her mindset impacted her ability to navigate the journey. Using her stories of struggle and strength, Jess helps audiences understand and learn how the ability to control your mindset is paramount in managing the tough stuff – in leadership and in life.

Every Single One. A New Mantra for WOmen’s Leadership

The “girl boss” persona has taken over social media, but does it really teach women what it takes to shatter glass ceilings and succeed in the real world? Women need a new mantra for leadership and success. In this empowering keynote, Jess gives young women new mantras, based on research, to shatter glass ceilings and achieve limitless success!

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