As a corporate exec and a female CEO, Jessica encountered a lot of barriers on her journey to leadership – and she felt alone in many of those experiences. She now is committed to helping women strengthen their leadership skills so they can shatter glass ceilings and actively advises businesses on how to create inclusive and equitable workplaces.

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Many of you have been asking the science-y questions about my cancer. Well, buckle up, but here is a science lesson you may not have know you ever wanted. There are several types of breast cancer. The most common type of breast cancer is called Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS). In short, it means thatContinue reading “Science!”

28 Days Ago.

Twenty-eight days ago, I walked into the breast diagnostic center of the hospital for what I thought would be a mammogram, an ultrasound, and then draining what my OBGYN and I both believed to be a cyst in the outer-lower quadrant of my right breast. I remember calling a friend on my way to theContinue reading “28 Days Ago.”