Four Things to Do With Your Gal Pals This Galentine’s Day – Even in a Pandemic.

Friendship is a form of self-care. It combats loneliness, spurs laughter and joy, helps us process complex emotions, and allows us to be truly ourselves. In the middle of a pandemic, where most of us feel alone, sad, anxious, stressed, or bored (among lots of other emotions) on a regular basis – we need friendshipContinue reading “Four Things to Do With Your Gal Pals This Galentine’s Day – Even in a Pandemic.”

So, You Wanna Be an Ally for Women?

Here’s the thing, allyship is hard and it’s messy. It requires one to risk the consequences of standing up for women in patriarchal environments. It’s not as simple as just “building relationships” with more women or publicly promoting their work.  The truth is, creating systemic and cultural change within any organization is hard – and it takesContinue reading “So, You Wanna Be an Ally for Women?”

What Led Me to Here.

No female career is linear.   In the last six months, I’ve talked to countless female executive leaders about their career journeys.  I’ve learned that, like mine, their career took a winding and imperfect road.  The paths that led us to where we are today were filled with hard decisions, big risks, struggle, perseverance, tears, andContinue reading “What Led Me to Here.”

Find Your Flow in a Quarantine

I’ve been grumpy and unproductive. I find myself looking back at my long work days and wondering what I accomplished except for sitting in front of my computer on video calls all day – and responding to emails. I haven’t had an ounce of creativity. I’ve been longing for the days where I could getContinue reading “Find Your Flow in a Quarantine”