Stand Beside Her

Stand Beside Her is a rallying cry inspiring girls and women to stand up for each other and commit to shutting down unhealthy comparison that tears down and divides.  By celebrating one another’s talents and successes, we all rise – one courageous, confident girl and woman at a time.

Jessica is a speaker and advocate for Stand Beside Her. She wants to help you and your group change the conversation around competition and comparison. You can contact Jessica directly to learn more or visit the Stand Beside Her website to learn more.

Reframing the Conversation Around Confidence and Competition

There’s a toxic culture among women of comparison and competition. It starts from a young age and it’s impacting us in every stage of our lives.  From a young age, men are socialized to be competitive; they’re put in competitive sports, play tag on the playground, and as a result develop healthy ideas of competition.  Women, however, from a young age are nurtured to be collaborative; we craft, play house and dress up, tumble, dance, cheer, and – as a result – competition isn’t socialized in women, the way it is in men.  In our adult and professional lives, these societal norms manifest in endless ways in the workplace, mom groups, and volunteer opportunities.  It diminishes our confidence, confounds our relationships with other women, and impedes our advancement as women.  We have to change the conversation around competition and comparison.  We have to unlearn the fear of other women and learn to trust the women around us.  We have to learn how to help each other advance and to “carry as we climb”.  We have to work every day to create a future where women work with each other to advance, instead of in competition with each other.  It’s time to talk about how.

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